Canadian Medical Associations

What you should know about influential Canadian medical associations

With 13 health care plans Canadian system is regarded as one of the largest in the world. The government and the provincial governments fund the healthcare insurance plans. A common Canadian needs not to worry about healthcare as it is free. The premiums paid by the individuals grant them the health care plan characteristics in return. There have been very few instances when doctors or paramedical staff has been at cross roads with the government.

It clearly shows that the medical alliances of Canada are working in the best interest of the members. Healthcare has always been a debatable subject in Canada. The opposition parties have always accused the government of not taking the health care matters seriously. This is not true as the current government has been working continuously to make the system better. The medical alliances on the other hand also make sure that the government never deviates from the original plans. Let us consider the most important Canadian medical alliances:

Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association

Also known as CINA this association makes sure that the rights and privileges granted to the nurses all over Canada are protected. It also funds the education of those who want to become a nurse under its banner. The nurses from all over Canada make sure that this association works at its very best. For this purpose annual meetings are held. The scientific aspect of the profession is also considered by the organization. CINA believes that it is the continuous growth of the educational sector for nurses that will make them self-dependent. The headquarters is located in Ottawa and the organizational reach is throughout Canada.

Addiction Canada

Addiction CanadaFormed in 2006 this association makes sure that the best practices are conducted so that drug addicts are cured. There have been many instances where the patients have been treated completely just because of the support of this organization. With tens of thousands of patients listed this can be regarded as the largest addiction cure network of Canada. The organization has been further expanded in 2014. As a result, 2 new locations have been added increasing its reach. The government has also funded the organization just because they are working at a huge level. Many government officials are directly related to the organization and support it. Addiction Canada makes sure that they support the patients all over Canada.

AIDS Vancouver

AIDS Vancouver

As the name suggests the organization has been working to stop the AIDS spreading in Vancouver. It is a pure non-profit organization and has been working since 1983 to ensure that the world class services are provided to AIDS patients. The best part is that it is the oldest association in Vancouver to ensure that AIDS never turns into the epidemic. The total strength is 200 volunteers and 25 paid employees that have been working to make sure that the best outcome for such initiatives. The organization works in complete secrecy and the records of support are completely confidential. It is done to make sure that such people are never let down.