Where can you study medicine in Canada?

Canadian doctors have known for their prowess all over the world thanks to the best medical colleges in the country. Though the fee structure is not supportive in many cases still the colleges provide state of the art education. With the best equipment and medical education, the Canadian doctors have made sure that the best practices are followed to take care of the patients. There are 17 medical schools in Canada that have been working to ensure that the healthcare system is supported as much as possible.

The doctors getting their degrees from these institutes make sure that they serve the humanity in any part of the world. The medical colleges have been expanded from time to time so that more students can get the advantage of the education. It is not the secret that education takes a lot of time and strength that is why you can always have some fun and relax trying out casino online activities. The oldest medical college in Canada was established in 1829 and the latest one was inaugurated in 2005. Many organizations are affiliated with these schools so that the educational system is monitored. It also gets the best equipment to the students for practice purposes. The healthcare system in Canada owes much to these institutes as they have been working very hard to produce world class physicians. Popular medical institutes that have been working in Canada you can see below:

McGill University Faculty of Medicine

It is regarded as the oldest medical college of Canada which was established in 1829. Before this, the only medical institute in the region was Montreal Medical Institute. The institute awarded its first degree in 1833 since then it has been on a road to success. The institute has been divided into 3 blocks and everyone has its own significance. The basic anatomy and clinical sciences are taught here. The research centers here also make sure that the disease is researched and cures are developed. The college is also known for its research in AIDS and it is being done at a very fast rate. Aging, host resistance, and cancer are some other research related subjects being worked out at this institute. Located in Quebec it is regarded as the most prestigious medical institute in Canada.

 University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

It is regarded as the second oldest medical college in Canada which was established in 1843. Tertiary care is the most important form of treatment that has always been emphasized on. The college comprises of 12 teaching institutes within and has been regarded as the best source of medical education in the area. Cellular and microbiological research institutes have been added recently to take the idea of research to the next level.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

It is the latest medical institute that has been added to the group of Canadian medical institutes. It was established in 2005 and since then there has been rapid development to ensure that the best medical education is provided. The best part of this college is that there are only 224 seats whereas the total academic staff is 350. Sudbury and Thunder Bay medical associations have also been linked to this school.